Our Standards



Suncoast Computer Repair has been servicing clients in Sarasota, and the surrounding area for over five years. We are a small business, which takes great pride in simplifying computing.

We have the capacity to meet both, business and personal computing needs. Every client is treated with the upmost respect, and every case is handled promptly.

Suncoast computer Repair firmly believes that without following a set of guidelines when doing work of any kind, you are only leaivng your work open to problems. Computer repair does not require a specific licensing like being a contracter does. We believe this to be a fault in the way business is done. Just like a wall, your computer is an expensive peice of equipment which can be damaged easily.

That’s why Suncoast Computer Repair follows a set of standards and practices that is self-imposed. You deserve good work, and you are going to get it. We also don’t mind sharing these with our customers.

  • Computer work should not be overly expensive
  • No customer should be charged again if the same problem arises within 30 days
  • No computer should be left without virus protection under any circumstance
  • Never tell a customer that their computer is worth fixing if it is not
  • Never suggest that a customer buy a computer that does not fit their needs
  • No computer should be left without all updates running under any circumstance

These are just a few of the guidelines that Suncoast Computer Repair works with. The most important guidelines are what has driven Suncoast Computer Repair to be Sarasota and Manatee County’s most respected independent mobile computer repair company

  • Be professional
  • Be courteous
  • Be Prompt